1. BURGUNDY GOLD  :- It is an impressive natural stone that will bring a pleasing POP of colour and light to your home.
  1.  COFFEE BROWN :-  It is an reddish-black background including shiny dark brown flower patches with small crystals of light grey and black. This sophisticated stone thus  all with its dark brown and black backdrop that also owns many shades of coffee and chocolate hues.
  1. TAN BROWN-RED:-It is a beautiful and appealing stone that is great to use in interior and exterior applications.The hardness and durability remain the ever attractive feature of this.
  1. TAN BROWN :-  It is an enormous range of granite which is a unique blend of white and grey colour. Tan brown granite is also known as Indian Brown Granite.
  1. GALAXY BROWN:- It is mostly black with small gold or white flecks known for its beautiful  look and striking finish, its name flawlessly describes this stone as its golden flakes are suggestive of an ever –expansive galaxy.
  1. SAFARI BLUE:- It has a predominant fascinating deep blue colour, just like a sapphire with flakes of black and brown shades. Sapphire blue is an attractive, consistent granite that has brown and grey wedges, without any doubt. That sapphire blue is a stone of unbelievable quality
  1. MAPPLE RED:- It has a bluish-brown background with strong red colour spots evocative of a maple leaf. Filling the area with happiness, Mapple Red is popularly known as GOA red as well as Maipu Red.
  1. ICE BLUE:- With an exceptional presence fascinates us with its penetrating black colour and imperfect veining. Moreover, It has fantastic ornamented applications. Such as a magnificent fireplace, walkways and patios.
  1. STEEL GREY LAPOTRA : is a dark grey colour, showing light specks of cordial bright ochre and black coloured intrusive igneous rock.
  1. CHIDA WHITE : is a type of granite that originates from India. It is a natural stone that is known for its light grey to white background with dark grey to black mineral deposits creating a unique and striking pattern.
  1. BLACK PEARL : is a predominately black granite of a semisolid colour tone with speakers of black, golds , silver , browns, greens , and shades of grey.
  1.  BURGUNDY WHITE : is a white granite with a little burgundy colour wave pattern all over its surface. Because of its alluring white canvas and exciting highlights of contrasting burgundy colour,this is always in high demand.
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